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51 Ross Alley
San Francisco, CA, 94108


Sweetheart Florist is a family owned flower shop based in San Francisco Chinatown. We specialize in funeral flower arrangements but also all other occasions. We offer free delivery around San Francisco Bay Area. 

Silk Blanket 絲 被 (purple) (PB014)

Blanket Offerings 絲 被

These are all the traditional blankets meant for traditional Buddhism funerals. It is laid on the deceased during the funeral service. 

Silk Blanket 絲 被 (purple) (PB014)


Silk Blanket 絲 被 (purple) (PB014)


In Chinese, this is called 絲 被 or "Silk Blanket". The blanket material is woven silk while the color is purple. It is two layered with all writing and designs stitched onto the blanket. (not printed) #PB014

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Length: 64 inches

Width: 30 inches